Ideas are engines that transform the way we live and think, potent tools with the power to alter our worlds.

Because we believe ideas evolve and develop when shared, we have created FAENA COLLABORATORY, a creative think-tank, a laboratory of true collaboration consisting of a group of individuals of genius who interact, play with concepts, and transform our projects into the most imaginative reality

The Lead Architect /

Founded by Norman Foster in 1967, since then they have redefined skylines around the world, changing the vocabulary of contemporary architecture. They have created extraordinary landmarks, among them Wembley Stadium, 30 St Mary Axe, the British Museum’s Great Court, the Hearst Tower, Hong Kong International Airport; and then recreated them, as with Berlin’s historic Reichstag. Their revolutionary design for Faena House continues a collaboration that began in Buenos Aires with the acclaimed residence, The Aleph: an epiphany of indoor/outdoor living, a concept that Faena House now brings to full realization. No building has ever been more in harmony with the beach, the sky and the sea.

Landscape Architect /

Raymond Jungles, Inc., founded by Raymond Jungles, boasts a local and international presence that spans over three decades, completing many award-winning projects of varying complexity. The firm strives to bring people closer to nature, to create spaces that are inspirational, advancing curiosity, knowledge, and appreciation of the relationships between people, nature, and art. RJI has taken a holistic approach to the design of the Faena Gardens. The design draws its inspiration from the architectural elements, as well as the history of Florida’s natural systems. There is an intrinsic indoor/outdoor connectivity with spaces and views flowing from the streetscape to the ocean and intracoastal waterway.

The Water Artists /

Fluidity are artists whose work is made of water. The Los Angeles-based design and engineering firm is a distinctive leader in contemporary water design. Fluidity uses the movement and music of water to enhance public and private spaces right across Faena Miami Beach, but particularly in the graceful pools integrated with the Faena House lobby and grounds. Fluidity has also brought its elemental harmonies to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Longwood Gardens, and the United Nations Plaza.

The Innovative Engineers /

Permasteelisa Group are engineers with visionary concepts, bringing drawing board concepts into structural reality. They are the global leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of advanced architectural walls and forms. For Faena House they have engineered a new system of glass windows and super-wide doors that maximize the ability to move seamlessly in and out, while conforming to the strictest codes of hurricane proofing. among other projects that feature their unique solutions are the Sydney Opera House, Taipei 101, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Norman Foster’s hearst Tower, and Frank Gehry’s Disney concert hall.

The Craftsmen /
The Molteni Group

The Molteni Group was founded by Italian craftsmen in 1934. They bring with them years of expertise and a reputation of superlative quality. Their practice has constantly collaborated with the greatest architectural minds of modern day – Jean Nouvel, Aldo Rossi, Pier Luigi Cerri, and the Scarpas among others. Molteni has evolved into several divisions, with Molteni & C, an international design leader in custom kitchens, and create exquisite furniture with Molteni Dada. The Molteni Group continues this tradition of collaboration in their partnership with Foster + Partners in Miami to create custom designed kitchens, created with the exacting standards of quality and craftmanship in Italy.

Faena Group

Founded by Alan Faena, Faena Group is a thriving pioneering business specializing in the creation of one-of-a-kind holistic environments anchored in cultural experiences and socially responsible projects, and ranging from residences and hotels to art and cultural spaces.
Faena Group is rooted in ideas and concepts that have the power to reshape and enhance our world. The projects it develops are platforms for personal expression and cultural interaction, destination landmarks that inspire original thinking. Since 2000, Alan Faena has been partnered by Len Blavatnik, a business leader with global interests in natural resources, media, entertainment, telecommunications, and real estate. Together they have transformed an abandoned stretch of property, the docklands of Puerto Madero, into one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in Buenos Aires.
The Faena Group’s success in Argentina has consolidated the company’s expertise in urban development. In 2014, Miami Beach will see the launch of the first phase of the Faena Group’s global expansion.