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Tryst- A Lover's Rendezvous

Faena Theater Experiential, Music & Dance, Nightlife, Performance

Come along for the risqué journey into suggestive tales of love and seduction as Faena Theater’s new immersive contemporary cabaret, delicately entices the mind with stories of explicit escapades from our bewitching mistress’s past, present, and future loves.

Faena LIVE’s original production—TRYST- A Lovers’ Rendezvous, combines teasing burlesque, riveting cirque nouveau, and spell-binding music into a night of provocative sensations and boasts an outstanding ensemble of award-winning talent.  Tryst is excited to welcome our new master of ceremonies, Postmodern Jukebox’s burlesque queen, Ariana Savalas!

Indulge your desires and expect the unexpected, as Miami’s most captivating performance ignites the luscious flame of plush eroticism before your eyes.
Join us as at the Faena Theater for an evening of Tryst’s tantalizing specialty acts and outrageous charm!

Reservations & More Information:

Thursday 9:00pm



8:00pm (1st Showing)
10:30pm (2nd Showing)

Tickets start at $95. Click HERE to book now. 
For more information, call +1 786 655 5742.

Check-in time starts 45 minutes prior to show time. 
Doors close promptly at show time. No late admittance. 

Guests 18+ welcome. Valid ID required upon arrival.  

For group bookings (8+ guests), please contact [email protected]   

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