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Tryst Cabaret Our Next Affair

Tryst Cabaret at Faena Theater

Faena Theater Experiential, Music & Dance, Nightlife, Performance


Come along for the risqué journey into suggestive tales of love and seduction as Faena Theater’s new immersive contemporary TRYST CABARET, delicately entices the mind with stories of explicit escapades from our bewitching mistress’s past, present, and future loves.

Tryst cabaret at Faena Theater

Faena LIVE’s original production—TRYST- Our Next Affair, combines teasing burlesque, riveting cirque nouveau, and spell-binding music into a night of provocative sensations and boasts an outstanding ensemble of award-winning talent.


Ariana Savalas

🔥 Ready to reignite the Faena Theater stage is the queen of burlesque herself, our most established and multi-faceted master of ceremonies-- Ariana Savalas! 

Internationally renowned songwriter, cabaret star, and one of the founding members of vintage phenomenon, Postmodern Jukebox, Ariana seduces Faena audiences with her outrageous charm and talent. 


Indulge your desires and expect the unexpected, as Miami’s most captivating performance ignites the luscious flame of plush eroticism before your eyes.

Join Ariana Savalas, special guest vocalist Sunni Stephens, and Tryst Cabaret's brilliant cast for Tryst Cabaret's final 10-week show run for what is set to be the most unforgettable Faena Theater season yet! 


Reservations & More Information:

Thursday 9:00pm
Friday 8:00pm
Saturday 8:00pm (1st Showing)
10:30pm (2nd Showing)
  • Tickets start at $95. Click HERE to book now
  • For more information, call +1 786 655 5742
  • Check-in time starts 45 minutes prior to show time 
  • Doors close promptly at show time. No late admittance
  • Guests 18+ welcome. Valid ID required upon arrival
  • For group bookings (8+ guests), please contact [email protected]   


A long and winding road led Ariana Savalas from attending a Catholic convent school, to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art studying Shakespeare in London, to burlesque stardom and gaining international fame as a renowned songwriter, cabaret queen, and one of the founding members of vintage phenomenon, Postmodern Jukebox. 

Her collaborations with Postmodern Jukebox, timeless in a way that parallels her own original music, have garnered hundreds of millions of views online and repeatedly reached #1 on the iTunes charts. She’s traveled the world on tour, from Vienna to Singapore, performing for the masses in legendary venues such as Radio City Music Hall, The Greek Theater, and the O2 in London. A singer, songwriter, dancer, and multi-instrumentalist, the PMJ princess has solidified herself as the musical burlesque queen and the mistress of the modern Moulin Rouge. 

Now, with the release of What Do You Wanna Know, the debut single off of her forthcoming album, Savalas delves into the intensely glamorous, operatic rock depths of her songwriting artistry. The dramatic, one of a kind collection of vibrant, cabaret rock songs written by Savalas is reminiscent of alt-pop legends such as Robbie Williams, Annie Lennox, Queen, and Bowie, while simultaneously harkening to the colorful burlesques which formed her life and career. Savalas called upon her longtime dear friend, legendary UK producer Steve Power (Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue), to bring the anthemic production of her single to life. Power’s production mastery coupled with Savalas’ songwriting results in a musical marriage directly reflecting Savalas’ own personality, wildly dramatic yet entirely down to earth.


Entertainer, songwriter, and performer  Sunni Stephens is a saucy chanteuse amassing legions of followers with her unique interplay of multiple genres of pop music.

Fueled by her ambition to be recognized as a multi-faceted entertainer, Sunni Stephens is known for her Vegas-style theatrics reminiscent of the old Broadway-style musicals set in the landscape of today’s pop culture. Her approach as a performer is simple--take the great music of the past and re-invent it. She studies the greats and applies their entertainment styles to today’s generation of music and dance. 

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