“To build my Dreams, I first had to build myself. In this book I share the secrets of that Architecture”
- Alan Faena

In solitude, on my personal journey through highs and lows, I discovered a present that was pure and untouched. In that present, I found a reality that is bare and unfettered by distractions. With the passing of time, I realized the path has to originate from within, helping me become my own master.

I discovered that, within us, lies the power to be advocates for our ideas, to fight our battles to evolve. I realized we possess all the tools to create the best version of ourselves. It’s this journey that has led me to put down my reflections and teachings in writing, as a window into the architecture of my being.

Today I know that strength and trust in the present are the foundations of our loyalty to ourselves. They give us the stamina to press forward, to bypass the shadows of yesterday or the promises of tomorrow. Our efforts must be directed toward harmonizing the path with our own being, toward being at peace with the world around us. Only then can we dream and pursue perspectives that expand and uplift our lives. Vision, ideas, weaknesses, silence, love. It’s all within us.

By building our own architectures, we build the strength to evolve in time out of time. We connect with Creation itself, which has no beginning or end.