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Psychism and Tantric Sex as Tools for Self-Improvement


The self-improvement culture may have been infiltrated by abstract entities that plan to redesign its very essence.

Self-help literature is currently one of the most popular genres in the world, owing to the fact, perhaps, that it (supposedly) provides practical and retainable knowledge. But few people know that in the history of this vilified genre there is one book that may hold peculiar secrets. The title of the book is Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, and is known by some as “the businessman’s Bible”.

At first sight, Hill’s advice could be seen a series of “keys to success”, apparently extracted from his own empirical experience and interactions with other celebrities. But, as expert in esotericism David Metcalfe has noticed, Think and Grow Rich is a peculiar book, and a close reading reveals a profound influence from occultism. And if we take into account that we are talking about a pillow book for entrepreneurs, it does come as particularly amusing and, above all, intriguing.

Some have ventured, according to the free interpretation of this text, to say that it was telepathically inspired by incorporeal intelligence, similar to those in theosophy known as “ascended masters”. On the other hand the secret of success has to do with the development of psychic powers and the cultivation of emotional energy through tantric sex.

Concerning the latter, Hill describes his tenth step for success:

The emotion of sex brings into being a state of mind. Because of ignorance on the subject, this state of mind is generally associated with the physical, and because of improper influences, to which most people have been subjected, in acquiring knowledge of sex, things essentially physical have highly biased the mind. The emotion of sex has back of it the possibility of three constructive potentialities, they are: 1. The perpetuation of mankind. 2. The maintenance of health, (as a therapeutic agency, it has no equal). 3. The transformation of mediocrity into genius through transmutation.

The thirteenth and last step is “The Sixth Sense, The Door to the Temple of Wisdom”:

The “thirteenth” principle is known as the SIXTH SENSE, through which Infinite Intelligence may, and will communicate voluntarily, without any effort from, or demands by, the individual. This principle is the apex of the philosophy. It can be assimilated, understood, and applied ONLY by first mastering the other twelve principles. The SIXTH SENSE is that portion of the subconscious mind which has been referred to as the Creative Imagination. It has also been referred to as the “receiving set” through which ideas, plans, and thoughts flash into the mind. The “flashes” are sometimes called “hunches” or “inspirations.” The sixth sense defies description! It cannot be described to a person who has not mastered the other principles of this philosophy, because such a person has no knowledge, and no experience with which the sixth sense may be compared. Understanding of the sixth sense comes only by meditation through mind development from within. The sixth sense probably is the medium of contact between the finite mind of man and Infinite Intelligence, and for this reason, it is a mixture of both the mental and the spiritual. It is believed to be the point at which the mind of man contacts the Universal Mind.

Metcalfe states that he has noticed the influence of Rosicrucianism and Hermeticism in Hill’s work, a background where “success” would be represented by the possibility of joining the universal mind. In any case, the importance of these esoteric chapters is reinforced by a metaphysical-Mephistophelean visit. Years after he wrote Think and Grow Rich, Hill confessed that he had been inspired by the astral communication of the “Council of Thirty-Three”:

I was alone in my study and all was still. A voice spoke. I saw nobody. I cannot tell you whence the voice came. First it spoke a password known to few men that riveted my attention. “I have come,” said the voice, “to give you one more section to include in your book. In writing this section you may cause some readers to disbelieve you, yet you will write honestly and many will believe and be benefited. The world has been given many philosophies by which men are prepared for death, but you have been chosen to give mankind a philosophy by which men are prepared for happy living.” I whispered: “Who are you?” In a softened voice, which sounded like chimes of great music, the unseen speaker replied: “I come from the Great School of the Masters. I am one of the Council of Thirty-Three who serve the Great School and its initiates on the physical plane.”

Is Think and Grow Rich a book inspired by a conclave of astral intelligences that, for some reason wanted to channel their infinite knowledge in an unexpected package? Perhaps nobody has the answer to this question, but it still means that, without knowing it, millions of businessmen have been sleeping next to what is possibly an advanced manual of the occult.

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