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Faena Art

Faena Art is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that commissions, produces, and houses cross-disciplinary artistic experiences.
Dreaming with Lions Faena Art Week 2020
Faena Art

Exhibitions & Experiences

Explore innovative creative practices and immersive visual experiences that transcend the traditional boundaries of art, science, philosophy, and social practice. Faena Art is a nonprofit organization that showcases contemporary creative and cultural experiences, acting as a transformative bridge linking North and South America, and connecting the popular and experimental. 

* Featuring:
Maze: Journey Through the Algorithmic Self’, Sebastian Errazuriz (2023)
• Dreaming with Lions, Alexandre Arrechea (2020)
• ‘S.2122’ , Beeple presented by the Reefline (2023)

Where Faena Art Lives

Miami Beach

Project Room

Faena Art's first dedicated space in Miami, the Project Room serves as a platform for experimentation and development of innovative ideas. The Project Room encourages artists to explore new facets of their practice and hosts an artist residency, a series of artists talks, and fosters new models for social interaction that transcend the traditional boundaries of art, science, philosophy, and social practice. 

Buenos Aires

Faena Art Center

A center for arts and artistic experimentation, created to present ground-breaking site-specific installations and offer both an international and innovative exhibition program to the city of Buenos Aires.

Faena Prize Faena Art Paula De Solminihac
Faena Art

Faena Prize

The Faena Prize for the Arts recognizes artistic experimentation, encourages post-disciplinary and temporal exploration, and promotes inquiry of the multiple links between art, technology, and design.

Considered one of the most prestigious art prizes in the Americas, Faena Art awards the winning proposal a total of $100,000. For the first time since its inauguration, Faena Prize's 2022 took place in Miami, honoring winner, PAULA DE SOLMINIHAC!

Faena Art Sonnet 18

Annual Gala

An annual celebration of art & talent! In 2021, Faena Art celebrated 10 years of supporting the arts and creating free and open to the public programming with its first fundraising Gala at the Faena Forum. Funds raised went directly to supporting the artistic community and Faena Art's mission of supporting creative minds around the world! 


Faena Art Programs

Musical performances, immersive and interactive experiences, visual displays, and family-friendly creativity are all on the menu. See (or hear, or feel) what's coming up. 

faena art parade
Faena Art

Support Faena Art

We are grateful to all the partners who support Faena Art in its mission to house and produce free and open to the public post-disciplinary and time-based experiences.

You make it possible for us to contribute to creating an even more meaningful connection with the local Artist community and continue to offer diverse cultural programming.

Faena Journal

Arts, Miami

Coral as a Canvas

Faena Art has selected local environmental artist and educator Beatriz Chachamovits as the first artist to create a site-specific exhibition for the Project Room’s 2022 season. The interactive installation addressing climate change, coral bleaching and plastic pollution will be on public view from April through June.

Faena Aleph