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A Tale of Two Tierras Santas


The stark beauty and tranquil harmony of Uruguay’s rugged Atlantic coastline formed the bedrock of Alan Faena’s dreams for the Tierra Santa Healing House in Miami Beach.

In his early 20s, Argentina native Alan Faena discovered a plot of vacant beachfront scrubland near the summer stomping grounds of his childhood—Punta del Este, Uruguay. The remote stretch of land offered him refuge to feed his soul, a place of quiet seclusion where the gentle echo of the ocean promised healing, nurturing and spiritual growth. Over the course of decades, he sculpted beauty from the stretch of earth he called Tierra Santa— Holy Land—until it brimmed with thousands of hand-cultivated, wild red roses whose scent drifted on the salty breeze.

Faena lived in elemental harmony on the land, tapping into the universal well of creativity and abundance feeding the universe until he his next steps came to him. He would bring to the world the many lessons he’d found in his blooming paradise. The Tierra Santa Healing House manifests Faena’s dream of a place for meditative, holistic therapies for the mind, body and spirit. Drawing from ancient South American shamanic wisdom and South Asian healing traditions, guests are guided to awaken consciousness and restore wellbeing through carefully crafted healing rituals. Nearby, the Atlantic Ocean extends gentle waves, warm breezes and divine inspiration, just as it does at Faena’s idyllic estate that inspired it all.