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Advanced Beauty Program


Restore radiance to your skin with Tierra Santa’s Biologique Recherche facials.

Tierra Santa Healing House combines ancient healing techniques with cutting clinical technology. For use in the spa’s signature facial treatments, we have handpicked the French skincare line Biologique Recherche for its products, which are carefully derived to protect the epidermis and make skin look brighter, cleaner and clearer.

Fans have lauded Biologique Recherche’s products as “potion in a lotion”, and owner Dr. Philippe Allouche is known for his holistic, yet vigorous approach to beauty care and skin protection.

Our estheticians favor the brand’s innovative protocols and pure, concentrated raw ingredients packed with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory plants and polyhydroxy acids, which leave skin toned, firm and flawless.

Our selection of facial treatments is designed to stimulate your skin’s natural regeneration properties. Restoratives therapies will balance your pH and gently exfoliate your skin’s epidermis to shed impurities and dead cells. You’ll also receive a nourishing mask followed by the application of Biologique Recherche products containing high concentrations of botanical, marine and biological extracts with active ingredients that work progressively to improve skin quality and leave your complexion radiant.