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Biennale of Moving Images

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Last month, Faena Art, the non-profit cultural branch of Faena, hosted the Biennale of Moving Images, an exploration of the shifting territories of the moving images in contemporary art.

A collaboration with The Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève, the Biennale of Moving Images attracted thousands of people during its opening night at Faena Bazaar where guests got a first glimpse of 28 original commissions from artists such as Boris Mitić, Wu Tsang, Bertille Bak, Alessio Di Zio, and Salomé Lamas, to name a few.
Local artists Jillian Mayer and Paris Kain were also invited to show their work, highlighting the importance of including Miamian talent in all of our endeavors.
The show exhibited for two weeks at the Faena Bazaar, Faena Park, and the Faena Hotel’s Screening Room using non-traditional locations to feature works that weren’t curated in the traditional sense, but rather gave freedom to artists to play with time as a medium.
Seeking to investigate new exhibition models and formats by building a show as a choir, the exhibit brings polyphonic voices together, opening a window into contemporaneity.

Other Venues

The Biennale of Moving Images will also be presented by Faena Art in Buenos Aires at the Faena Art Center, from the 23rd to the 30th of May. Following these exhibitions, it will travel to Teatrino Palazzo Grassi, Fondation Pinault, Venice; Schermo dell’arte, Floren- ce; Tent, Rotterdam; and Galerie de l’UQAM, Montreal.

art installation with three large red video screensvideo screen of a man in the jungle