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Body-Mind Medicine for Miami Spa Months


During the city’s annual Miami Spa Months this summer, experience Tierra Santa Healing House’s exclusive Sacred Warrior healing art without breaking the bank.

We created a unique treatment combining different modalities so our guests could have a greater experience of our wellness philosophy

—said Spa Director Agustina Caminos.

“Tierra Santa Healing House is not just a spa in which to be pampered, it is a place where people come to heal and achieve oneness in body, mind and spirit.” The Sacred Warrior treatment ($199) combines Pranic Healing, cleansing rituals and massage to achieve a higher level of consciousness and unification using sacred Palo Santo smoke, sound bowl therapy, and a nourishing virgin coconut oil massage. A new Thai massage ($199) helps re-align the entire body. The ancient modality, sometimes referred to as assisted yoga, employs a deep acupressure-style massage while the guest is fully clothed to relieve tension and improve flexibility. If you’re overdue for your summer facial, visit Tierra Santa’s expert estheticians for a Faena Customized Facial ($139) or polish up after a day in the sun with a specially-priced Moisturizing Hair Treatment and Blow Dry ($109) at Rossano Ferretti Salon to keep your locks hydrated and silky smooth. What more? All four treatments come with a complimentary Twin Hearts meditation and a chaise lounge to enjoy a day on the beach.


This Faena Journal article was originally published in 2019

Prices exclude tax and gratuity. In-house guests may dial Tierra Santa at 4380 for reservations. For more information and spa bookings, please email [email protected] or call +1 786 655 5570.