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Choosing Peace by Kino MacGregor

Miami, Wellness

“Peace is always a choice,” says Kino MacGregor, Co-Founder of Miami Life Center at Tierra Santa Healing House.

Peace is always a choice. No matter where you are in life, nor what’s happening around you, you always have the power to choose your response to any given situation. It can be difficult to find the peaceful option, but if you apply the tool of mindfulness in action you will find it. Difficult yoga poses prepare your mind for similar moments in life. By learning to choose a peaceful path in your practice you develop the same skill to choose a peaceful path in in every situation.

Every experience is colored by the story the mind tells about it. If you see the world as a violent fluctuation between dramatic highs and devastating lows, you will be blown up and down like a leaf in a storm. The more you draw your attention to the severity of the twists and turns of life the more these intense emotional fluctuations only seem to get worse. What you put your attention on quite often determines what you will experience. In your yoga practice you face tightness, weakness, and impossibility. Yoga asks you to remain equanimous and calm in the face of the struggles of the body. The real yoga is the inner state of a calm mind that is balanced and steady no matter what it faces.

Turbulent times can either shake you to the core or make your stronger. Just like some days your yoga practice will feel amazing and other days you will feel like you’re made of tin. The difficult days are actually when yoga happens. You learn not to hold on to the high and not to fight against the lows. Yoga is a state of being, and that beingness is characterized by peace.

You can start today. Assume any comfortable seated position. Sit for five minutes. Watch your breath. Practice observation without judgement (no good or bad). Train your mind to be at peace. Refrain from reactions and just be. You can change your world by changing your mind.

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