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Faena Festival Makes Its Mark in Buenos Aires

Arts, Buenos Aires

The Faena Festival, which explores the different narratives and mythologies associated with America, debuted on April 8th in Buenos Aires and spread across the city in collaboration with the Semana del Arte and ArteBA, one of the largest contemporary art

Through commissioned installations and performances that were unveiled alongside arteBA, Art Basel Cities and with the Ministry of Culture, the festival explored Buenos Aires’ influential role as a port city that has long received immigrants, refugees and travelers, and addressed the continent of America as a concept more than a place—a powerful idea that is greater than the borders that frame it. “Artists are not limited by geopolitical divisions, so we decided to explore different interpretations of what unites Americans,” said Faena. Reinforcing its commitment to creating cutting-edge, large-scale works that are free and open to the public, the festival put forth a polyphonic platform to amplify creative voices across a range of artistic genres.

The Faena Festival is the ultimate incarnation of my dream to build a platform for artists to explore and create in a hybrid and multidisciplinary format. The festival identifies and supports the newest, boldest and most cutting-edge artists from around the world.

—Alan Faena

Critically acclaimed pieces from artists Cecilia Bengolea and Isabel Lewis, featuring collaborations with local performers, took place at La Rural, a historic exhibition center in the heart of Palermo, while Alfredo Jaar’s A Logo for América was presented for the first time in Latin America on a jumbotron in 9 de Julio Avenue. Other installations and performance commissions included those by Luna Paiva and Fernando Rubio. The festival also hosted a cinema series with works by Joseph Beuys, Ana Teresa Fernandez, Boris Mitić, Amalia Ulman, Martin Legon and Clara Cullen.