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samsara cabaret performers create geometric pattern with their legs and arms
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Get In On The Action at Faena Theater

Arts, Miami

When the sun goes down and the curtains come up at Faena Theater, guests are immersed in a fantastical world where the lines between performer and audience are blurred, and anything can happen.

Samsara Cabaret, a journey of transformation, exhilaration, thumping karmic energy and tech-infused cirque nouveau, will truly take your breath away. In this genre-defying spectacle of theater, now showing through September 14, visual art and contemporary rhythms carry viewers through life’s timeless cycles of creation and transformation. Artemis, a goddess of stardust, navigates an evocative fantasyland and her own transcendence in a spell-binding world where there are no boundaries for the audience and no limits for the performers. The action is above you, within you and all around you. Fused with acrobatics, Samsara’s aerial feats, song and dance are so explosive, they will leave you awestruck.

And for the real night owls among us, Nocturne—a new late-night, performance-driven dance party at Faena Theater—will transport guests to alternate universes with themed costume nights that place the audience right in the heart of the action. On May 31, bring your yin and yang, your angel and devil, your Jekyll and Hyde, for a dualistic night of Evil Twins revelry that’s both naughty and nice.