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exterior shot of Gitano Miami
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Gitano. A Taste of Tulum at Casa Faena

Dine, Miami

What do you get when you blend Faena red with Grupo Gitano’s signature neon pink? The color of Miami’s sunset skies as seen from the rooftop of Gitano’s latest iteration at Casa Faena.

-Published 2023

The collaboration is a natural fit for hospitality maverick, Alan Faena, and Grupo Gitano founder James Gardner—with a conjuring combination of artistic sensibilities, cult fashion following, and the ability to create experiential microcosms that get people high on life.

While Gitano was born in the jungles of Tulum as a gathering place for the sun-kissed jetset to dine and dance, the brand has been quickly expanding in New York, and most recently Miami. “We’re traveling the world and connecting a fun-loving healthy-living community,” says Gardner. Gitano’s guiding principle is an expression of Gardner’s own natural inclination to share love and happiness. At Casa Faena, Gitano added its gypsy-glam touch throughout the Mediterranean Revival guesthouse from its ground floor restaurant and terrace to the ocean-view rooftop, transmuting the milieu with a minimalist-meets-tropical décor.

We’re traveling the world and connecting a fun-loving healthy-living community.

Wunderkind chef Mads Refslund, co-founder of Noma in Copenhagen, left his fingerprints all over the menu, which features clean and elevated Mexican fare. The menu features some of Gitano’s iconic dishes like the Guacamole served with crudités and totopos and the Grilled Avocado with ponzu, almonds and worm salt, alongside elevated tacos. Consulting Beverage Director Jeremy Strawn—an owner in Mulberry Projects and formerly of Death & Co—reached to Miami’s top bartending talent to create a cocktail menu composed of refreshing tropical libations with an emphasis on Mexican spirits and fresh seasonal ingredients.

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