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Living Artfully at Tierra Santa Spa During Miami Art Week


As the Faena Festival combines art and technology, art and faith, and art and food, Tierra Santa Healing House participates in Miami Art Week through the marriage of art and wellness

Art is not an object separate from us; art is within us.

To live artfully is to live the present moment with happiness.

- Spa director Agustina Caminos

Festival-goers can drop into stillness with morning and sunset yoga classes led by Lina Pinilla and Caminos, as well as complimentary daily Twin Hearts Meditations, both taking place on the beach near Faena Festival’s 17-foot Buddha art installations. The profound power of these monumental statues resonates with the harmonious vibration achieved by a large group of people pulling down energy all at once. There is no better way to top off your own reserves and coax open your inner eye than through meditation, which Caminos calls “a highway to illumination.” The seaside yoga and meditation classes are open to all seekers, as are Tierra Santa’s range of Miami Art Week events and healing workshops.

On December 6, forward-thinking designers Helena Christensen and Camilla Stærk will host a pop-up shop in the Tierra Santa boutique, while spiritualists Anabella and Scott will offer 30-minute astrological Ayurvedic readings that delve into the forces connecting health, love, career and one’s life purpose. Need help releasing tension and guiding your mind towards New Year’s resolutions? Join the Miami Art Week closing ceremony on December 8 hosted by Caminos and mystic musician Jared Bistrong, which features a sound crystal healing with sacred mantras that purify the heart and bring sharpness to intentions. The experience also includes all-day access to Tierra Santa’s exclusive Wet Spa featuring a marble hammam, steam bath, sauna and ice parlor.