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Red and white alfa romeo cars parked in front of Faena hotel
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Passion on Wheels

Lifestyle, Miami

Slip into Faena’s rose-red Alfa Romeo house car

It's  time to cruise in the fast lane. Much like Faena, Alfa Romeo strives for perfect harmony between beauty and purpose, passion and technology, emotion, and engineering, in order to create true works of art. Faena Hotel Miami Beach’s house car, the  Stelvio Quadrifoglio (born from the Stelvio Pass, the world’s greatest driving road) is a sleek SUV that could only be Italian. 

“Our design is beautiful, unique, and, above all, purposeful,” says Larry Dominique, Senior Vice President of Alfa Romeo North America. “We take inspiration from more than 100 years of racing performance to give birth to vehicles that could not have  been created anywhere else, by anyone else.” Alfa Romeo is heralded for its ability to blend mechanical performance and sensation. “Each vehicle fuses cutting-edge technology with an exceptional power-to-weight ratio and near perfect weight  distribution,  providing class-leading performance in terms of speed, acceleration and road holding,” adds Dominique. The sports car of its segment, the Stelvio is a driving enthusiast’s dream. Under the hood are twin-turbocharged V-6 engines with upwards of 505 horsepower and 443 lb.-ft. torque, translating to a top speed of 144 mph and a record-setting 7-minute 51.7-second lap on Germany’s famous Nürburgring  track—making it the fastest production SUV on the market in the U.S. Designed from the
start to establish a new benchmark in its class, the 2021 model has race-car inspired interiors showcasing leather-wrapped shifters, a dual-pane sunroof and a limited-slip differential. The latest tech comes in the form of enhanced touchscreens  with improved navigation graphics and faster processors, as well as connectivity highlights like mobile app start/stop, Wi-Fi hotspots and vehicle finders. Drivers also get increased safety and ease with new autonomous driving features including traffic jam and lane  assist, drowsy driver detection and traffic sign recognition.

Guests of Faena Hotel Miami Beach can sit back and relax as their private chauffeur whisks them away in Stelvio’s roomy interiors to explore iconic city sights surrounding the hotel, all while experiencing the level of luxury and groundbreaking performance for which Alfa Romeo is known.

More Information,  or visit the Concierge Desk at Faena Hotel.