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Samsara Cabaret’s Stirring Soundtrack

Arts, Miami

Faena Live’s original production—Samsara Cabaret—is a transcendent story about the life, death and rebirth of Artemis, the show’s beautiful heroine, told through music, dance, cirque-arts and sensuality.

The creation of the show started with the music, the soundtrack is the foundation for everything: movement, lighting, flow…

—violinist and composer, Shane Borth.

Each song was carefully chosen to shape the identity of each act, creating an emotional voyage for the audience as they watch Artemis transform before their eyes. An eclectic mix of genres, Samsara’s soundtrack weaves pop, rock, EDM, and classical music into unique arrangements, which are both sung and played by gifted vocalists Yoli Mayor and EnVee, drummer Alejandro Zon, and the electric string duo, cellist Ben Muñoz with Shane Borth on violin.

The show begins with ancient and mysterious music that bleeds into the opening line of Sia’s Elastic Heart. “The lyrics, in some cases, literally tell parts of the story,” explains Borth. Hits from Sinead O’Connor to Depeche Mode, and Bach to Metallica piece together a score that provokes emotive associations for guests, allowing them to experience the cabaret in a more personal, visceral way.

Everything is tied together to grasp the audience’s hand and lead them on the journey of Samsara, where the end is only the beginning.