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Shamanic Family Constellations

Miami, Wellness

Certified spiritual leader Eric Lopez has dedicated his life to helping people overcome unconscious trauma and find peace, and now, he's sharing his gift for fostering spiritual transformation.

Every month, Eric Lopez will guide guests through the Bert Hellinger-developed Family Constellations methodology, facilitating a powerful healing ritual where each participant inches closer to enlightenment by exploring and processing familial trauma going as far as three generations back.

This approach uses elements of psychotherapy, regression, primal scream, psychodrama and ancestral history, combined with music and shamanic rituals to help individuals access their subconscious minds and heal traumatic imprints that have been passed down from their ancestors.

During the workshop, Eric performs energy work to create an open and connected environment. Under his intuitive direction, participants are called on to fill in as representatives of past and present family members while a selected individual explores the origins of their suffering until reconciliation and emotional release can be sensed not only by the person sharing his or her issue, but by the entire group. Eric explains that this type of work is deeper than just a therapy tool, it moves into the quantum realm of the family soul, the individual soul and the unconscious inner child.

The way participants felt about the trauma eventually disappears or transforms into something that is not a burden but an understanding.

Born in Lima, Peru, Eric first recognized that he had “the magic” in him at just 13 years old. He spent years studying shamanism and sacred plants in his native country with local spiritual leaders. It wasn’t until 2003 that he attended his first Family Constellations workshop in Miami, where his eyes were opened to the transformative power of this meaningful work, compelling him to study under distinguished psychotherapist Bert Hellinger for three years to become a certified facilitator.

Since then, Eric has created a practice that’s uniquely his, integrating shamanic rituals, music and his experiences as a Medicine Man and Traditional Leader with the Nemenhah Native American Traditional Organization in Missouri. The result is a culturally sensitive therapy that draws wisdom from the respected elders who came before us and illuminates the course to our more genuine, enlightened and empathetic selves.

While other forms of therapy require years of intense emotional work, Eric is confident in his practice and insists that a single session can bring about a profound change in those who participate.

Shamanic Family Constellations.

Please contact Tierra Santa for more information about future events: [email protected] | 786 655 5570.