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The Holistic Heart of Faena

Miami, Wellness

Regarded as the spiritual heart of Faena Miami Beach, Tierra Santa Healing House is a holistic sanctuary dedicated to the art of living well.

The Tierra Santa healing journey fosters vibrant health by combining indigenous ingredients, shaman-developed body therapies, energetic practices and state-of-the-art technology for a truly unique approach to transformative healing.

For profound physical, mental and spiritual purification, make your way to the rejuvenating Wet Spa featuring a multi-tiered sauna hand-crafted from African Obeche and Canadian Hemlock, an herbal steam room, incredible jasmin-infused hammam —the largest of its kind on the East Coast—and a two-seat Ice Parlor designed to stimulate blood flow and strengthen the immune system.

Overlooking the ocean, two private spa suites offer ultimate privacy with large indoor soaking tubs, a couples treatment area and a stunning outdoor terrace. Local guests can also choose from an array of Chakra Day Spa Packages that offer four to eight hours of pampering with a range of treatments and amenities such as nourishing 50-minute massages, private yoga sessions, Biologique Recherche facial treatments, Rossano Ferretti hair salon ser-vices and healthy vegetarian meals. The spa also offers a dynamic program of weekly and monthly classes and workshops, from Pranic Healing and full moon meditations to yoga and Shamanic Family Constellations experiences, all designed to enhance physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.

Fall Events

This fall, take the first step towards a more enlightened self at Tierra Santa through a series of inspiring and transformational work-shops and experiences.

Discover the intricate practice and physical benefits of energy healing with a two-day Introductory Pranic Healing Course led by certified Pranic Healing instructor, yogi, therapist and spiritual guide Agustina Caminos, who serves as Wellness Director for Faena Group and Spa Director for Tierra Santa.

Those who wish to channel the power of nature are invited to join an invigorating Full Moon Meditation and Sound Healing Ritual with Jared Bistrong, who will lead guests through a series of visualizations and move-ments to the sound of live drums, a gong and soothing didgeridoo to revitalize, re-focus and foster a more profound sense of self.

Peruvian-born shaman and certified healer Eric Lopez will also lead an impactful Shamanic Family Constellations Workshop, in which participants are encouraged to delve into the traumas and unresolved conflicts of family members before them to reach the root of what holds them back in present-day.  Offering a unique combination of psychotherapy, psychodrama, regression, ancestral history, and primal scream therapy, this intimate workshop helps to lift years of physical, emotional and spiritual burdens away to reveal the loving, centered selves they are destined to be.

The Doctor is In

Tierra Santa Healing House partners with an array of experienced medical experts that work with guests to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Dr. Matthew Cooper, often referred to as the “Enzyme Doctor,” is a licensed digestive health specialist who has helped countless clients restore their gastrointestinal health and lose weight through targeted enzyme therapy.

Enzymes are responsible for digesting, absorbing and eliminating food. They break down what we eat into small particles, which pass through the gastrointestinal lining into the bloodstream. When the body is lacking sufficient digestive enzymes, the G.I. tract becomes inflamed and larger bits of undigested food enter the blood where they are identified as a foreign invader and attacked by the immune system. This can lead to fatigue, chronic pain, sleep deprivation, reflux, obesity, and irritable bowel diseases like Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis.

To successfully treat his patients, Dr. Cooper’s utilizes extensive diagnostic tests that allow him to assess each person’s unique nutritional deficiencies and design a diet based on their individual needs along with specific enzyme supplements that improve digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Through his dynamic enzyme processes, Dr. Cooper helps his patients to alter their lifestyles free of physical pain. “They suffer significantly less from uncomfortable symptoms and have much more energy. It changes people’s lives.”