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Lit up dome on beach with people socializing
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Time Capsule at Faena Beach


Faena lit up the Miami Beach art scene during Art Basel with a giant Time Capsule activation on the sand. The colorful geodesic dome was designed by Argentine artist Juan Gatti, the painter responsible for the stunning murals in Faena’s lobby.

Chosen for his exceptional artistic vision, Juan Gatti designed the dome in an effort to take art off the wall and onto a setting that enveloped the audience and captivated their imaginations, furthering Faena’s promise to present public, immersive, and multidisciplinary works.

Visitors to the surreal orb were welcomed into a 360-degree artistic immersion unlike any other. Time Capsule hosted an ever-changing lineup of films, live performances, 360º projections, and virtual reality experiences.

The Daily Front Row joined Faena to kick off Art Basel with a lively soiree celebrating the intersection of art and fashion, followed by a projection from Coral Morphologic that featured a parade of underwater scenes to raise awareness of the Earth’s endangered reef ecosystems. Surface Magazine also hosted a series of discussions with a wide array of influencers, from Virgil Abloh (Kayne West’s creative director) to RISD president Roseanne Somerson, fashion designer Heron Preston, art dealer Jeffrey Deitch and Diana Widmaier Picasso, granddaughter of Pablo Picasso.

Time Capsule was free and open to the public, offering multiple performances like Marietta Ren’s first ever scrolling graphic novel, the Phallaina experience—which presented an imaginary world similar to ours, with stilted cities apprehensively awaiting the next tidal wave.

The Time Capsule activation embodied Faena’s mission to find a balance between urban, social, political and environmental realms to protect the natural world for future generations.