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arctic landscpe

10 hours of arctic sound to cultivate your own inner silence


Conjure deep silence with the icy sound of the land of white and cold.

Although it may seem paradoxical, there are sounds that facilitate the germination of outer silence. Understandably, many such cases come from nature – the original dial of the meditative state and the rhythmic balance that we all, even without knowing it, pursue.

At the northern end of the planet, where few people visit, there’s a kingdom wrapped in a static whiteness. In the Arctic, the climate dominates everything, and it’s under the climate’s guidance that a landscape of radical stillness is delineated. For this very reason, the sounds emanating from these latitudes function as the perfect refuge from our noisy present.

The following video includes a 10-hour soundtrack of the sounds of the Arctic environment. A frozen ocean of breaking ice, falling snow, an inactive icebreaker, and the distant murmur of the wind, these are white sounds combined with extremely low frequencies, recorded at 96 kHz-24 bit, and designed to facilitate delta waves in the brain. As a sound environment, it will induce meditative states and promote both relaxation and concentration.

Let yourself be taken in for a while by the evanescent calm that the Arctic exhales, and by sounds that seem intended to ward off silence.

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