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A chandelier that evokes dawn and sunset


Rhythm of Light by Susanne de Graef imitates the sun’s daily trajectory in a simple and elegant way.

Dutch designer Susanne de Graef has created a chandelier that is a subtle mirror of the sun. Her student project Rhythm of Light is an ensemble of colored thread woven through a series of rings so that the light from a bulb simulates the passing of the different hours of the day with the respective colors of the sun’s trajectory, in such a way that the sunrise and sunset delicately ‘cascade’ in a room.

The users of the chandelier – an artistic installation that has now become a product – can decide whether they leave the rhythms of light to their natural pulse or create special moments of artificial light by swinging the lamp – that only accepts a gentle cadence.

Susanne de Graef’s version has been adapted by French design firm La Chance to become a mass-produced product.

Susanne de Graef - The rhythm of light from Studio Susanne de Graef on Vimeo.

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