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tibetan singing bowls

A Fascinating Healing Through Tibetan Singing Bowls


Singing Tibetan bowls are ancient musical instruments. Their magic lies in an ability to know ourselves through sound.

Great things happen when the human body is attuned to the vibrations of the universe. Resonances that occur every day affect our energy fields, and curiously, these same fields are also formed from vibrations.

Physics warns that every body, and every system, is enveloped in frequencies. When a body is excited with any of these characteristic frequencies, then its vibration is maximized. This phenomenon is called resonance and it’s a principle inherent in the methods of healing via sound.

“Sound healing” seeks to increase the frequency of vibrations through resonant sound. Frequency synchronization within the body facilitates energy stability. A clear example of these methods – and one with a millenary significance – is therapy with singing bowls. It’s been a popular technique among Tibetan lamas for more than 3000 years, since these bowls were first made by the Bön pre-Buddhist shamans.

The bowls are the instruments of an extraordinary cult. Their invention permitted the sacredness of their strength to be contemplated, and while some were created using quartz, the older bowls were said to have been made from mineral alloys from meteorites that had fallen in the Himalayas. It was as though these minerals endowed portentous benefits to anyone who listened to the resonance issued when the bowls were struck with a wooden stick.

Tibetan bowls consist of between seven and 12 metals depending on the religion which makes them. In Buddhism, the most important metals are silver, gold, mercury, tin, lead, copper and iron. Each of them bears a musical note, a special kind of harmonics, either treble or slightly deeper depending on the area of ​​the bowl that’s struck. The reverberation is emitted by the delicate oscillation of the air of the environment but also of the water in the body. This allows for the regulation of physical imbalances (such as inflammation or stabilization of the immune system), mental imbalances (such as stress or insomnia) and emotional imbalances (such as depression and anxiety).

One of the most famous bowl therapies is the sound bath. These sessions include enormous instruments that are placed around the patient. The bowls emit sounds of a longer duration, so that the experience facilitates a true trance state. Sessions using smaller bowls place the instruments near to certain chakras of the body, points where healing is concentrated, so that the resonance penetrates directly.

But singing bowls are not proper “magic.” The magic lies in what each of us can achieve through these subtle instruments. The bowls facilitate certain organic processes, such as the ability to heal on our own or through growth process at the physical or metaphysical levels. Thus, therapy with these tool is considered a momentous rite by which is to be achieved so that the body and spirit claimed at that time.


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