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Alice in Wonderland as illustrated by Salvador Dali


Convergence between alternate universes: the genius of surrealism illustrates one of the most hallucinatory books in the world.

In 1969, Salvador Dalí produced an amazing series of illustrations for Lewis Carol’s classic: Alice in Wonderland. ­­––A collection of 12 illustrations (one per chapter), which was published in the for of a book and became one of the most sought-after art books of its moment.

The artist managed to imprint his brand of surrealism into the already hallucinatory and meta-mundane wonderland, symbolizing every event in the story with his characteristic melting scenes and colorful abstractions, where “non-sense makes sense”.

A copy of this volume was recently valued at $12,900 dollars in Amazon. Luckily we can see the work here and enjoy the epic convergence of these two geniuses.

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