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Two hands outstretched with palms up.

An Introduction to the Art of Pranic Healing


This model demonstrates that when coincidence, intention and empathy combine, we all have the potential to heal.

One of the obvious advantages of the current development of spiritualty is that nowadays we have a larger range than ever of techniques to hand with which to raise our awareness and strengthen our spirit. Nevertheless, in the face of such abundance it is indispensable to find the vehicles that help us navigate this ocean with the right destination.

Pranic healing is a selective synthesis of ancestral practices aimed at balancing a person’s physical, mental, ethereal and emotional aspects. To achieve that the ‘prana’ or vital energy is worked upon, and which has an integral effect that brings results at all levels.

“The general Principles of Pranic Healing rest on the fact that Prana may be transferred or transmitted from one person to another, in many ways. 
The usual method, and the most effective way, is to use the hands and make passes over the sick person, and at the same time directing a current of Prana to the affected part.”

 This is how William Walker Atkinson (Yogi Ramacharaka) summed up the practice in 1909, the system of reestablishment that would later be structured by Choa Kok Sui.

There are currently innumerable practices of this technique, and which is due to a healing platform that is as accessible as it is effective, and so amorous as a practice. The possibility of transforming your hands, through the exercise of awareness and intention, in powerful healing instruments, has enabled thousands of people around the world to learn this technique and use it to improve the quality of life around them. And this is precisely what Choa Kok Sui proposed three decades ago.

In Ancient times, Pranic Healing could only be practiced by an elite few. My job was to develop a very effective healing system, which ordinary people could learn in just a short period. Anybody can practice Pranic healing now. The knowledge of being able to deal with simple ailments is quite empowering.

Another essential aspect of this practice is that by exercising healing – of yourself and of those around you – you are in a parallel way fomenting your personal development toward a more harmonious state. In this sense, personal evolution is a cause and consequence of practicing Pranic healing, and which creates a virtuous circle around it. And this “technique” requires a resonance with a certain philosophy of life, and which not only involves qualities such as getting to know Prana or the energy fields that rule much of reality, but it is also necessary to feed aspects such as empathy, generosity and awareness of everything being indivisible, from which we come and to which we will return.

Finally, Pranic healing is a demonstration, or a reminder, that we are all potential healers. We simply have to synchronize our intentions, our awareness and have a genuine desire to help ourselves – something that unfortunately is not something we are taught at school.

If you are interested in knowing more about this method of healing, please join us for a special introductory masterclass to Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing, led by instructor Agustina Caminos on May 21-22 at Faena Spa.

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