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Dnalphabet: A Font Made of DNA Codes


Researchers at Harvard have created a typeface based on the fragments of genetic codes.

The scientist and journalist Ed Yong has created a computer font made up of microscopic fragments of DNA code as a new way to communicate through writing. He’s written a blog entry with this font, explaining how it works.

It is a vivid way for scientists to show the flexibility and precision of the DNA system at an atomic level. Though up until now people have only used the DNAlphabet for scientific purposes, its use in other fields could have interesting implications. For example, it could be used for security purposes as unbreakable and unforgeable signature.

Being able to write letters or blog entries in a molecular language, however illegible, opens the door to indestructible symbols that could never be repeated. Perhaps using a DNA font is the only way to truly underscore an author’s originality.

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