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View of the Earth from space

Feeling Overwhelmed by a Problem? This Website Could Help


PixelThoughts helps you put that difficulty that has invaded your existence into perspective.

When a problem occurs in your life, what do you do about it? Some people, using their intelligence, resolve it immediately. Others who are more reflexive stop and consider various options, sometimes with the help of friends or advisers who give their own point of view of the situation. And there are also those who opt for the not very recommendable option of evading and putting off the problem, in the hope that the problem will solve itself.

Whichever way, we could say that the common denominator is thought. Existential problems share in almost all cases the quality of anxiety, the fact that we cannot stop thinking about them. A debt, a broken relationship, the lack of work, a project that we are struggling to define: in some ways they are entities that take us over and occupy much of our attention, even when we shouldn’t even be thinking about them. Whoever has been through this experience knows that it could well constitute a practical definition of stress.

So what to do to solve the problem? Perhaps it might work by putting it into perspective, “look at the complete picture.” And that is exactly what the site PixelThoughts does, developed by Marc Balaban: helps us to contextualize it in its proper dimension, between the importance we attribute to it and its undeniable triviality in a universe 91 billion miles across.

Problems often overwhelm us because we make more of them than they are, and at the same time we forget that our existence is more than the sum of our difficulties.

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