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Henrik Drescher

Henrik Drescher: the eloquence that flows from the vibrating hand


An interesting illustrator with a peculiar style deeply connected to Outsider Art.

Illustrator Henrik Drescher (1955) threads a pulsating situation in each desperate outline. The wild drawings that leave the Danish artist’s pen are strong and vibrant; his characters disassemble the format mixing themselves with colors, diluted in shapes and cutouts. The visions of this tireless creator are regularly published in The New York TimesWashington PostNewsweekTime and Rolling Stone.

The Drescher family immigrated to the United States; the young artist attended the Boston School of Arts and since then, his adventure hasn’t ceased. He’s skillful and natural with collage, drawing and installation. His ample body of work is found spread throughout the Internet, on paper and in the memories of his many admirers that enjoy his strident style. He has published children’s books and his writing has also been published alongside his graphic works.

A versatile artist who always finds himself in plastic research processes, with each line he ventures out, building bewildering portraits connected to the delirious inspiration that led Picasso on those drypoints and etchings portraying minotaurs, women and gods. The anthropomorphic shapes which vibrate before the gaze of curious onlookers cannot be ignored, they connect the twisted visions we have of ourselves in the alleys of dreams, or in a daytime journey where imagination and reality are diluted.

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