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field of flowers

Hitachi Seaside Park: A flower paradise that leads to the sea


This colorful Eden is the ideal place to take a dream walk.

Hitachi Seaside Park, in Japan, is a floral park that covers nine acres of flowers surrounded by nothing but their own species. A spectacular assortment split by colors that change its hues with each season.

The park is particularly famous for its blue nemophilas, a species of flower with nearly translucent blue and white petals which, planted by the thousands in the fields at Hitachi, seem to form a reflection of the sky on earth. The nemophilas’s blooming season is known as “The Harmony of Nemophila” and it takes place in the spring, when the park receives more visitors.

These tiny celestial flowers, along with hundreds of narcissus that stare at themselves, and different varieties of tulip, carpet the zigzagging path of the park leading towards the Pacific Ocean.

Hitachi Seaside is designed to guide visitors on long walks ––to take them through colorful and subtle variations of their own mood.

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