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I can see my house from here spelt with galaxies

Intergalactic alphabets: words disguised as the cosmos


Volunteers at the Galaxy Zoo find galaxies in the form of alphabet letters.

Is it possible that the forms of galaxies are infinite? Since 2007, the project Galaxy Zoo has asked people to classify galaxies by their shape. So far, over 250 thousand people have classified around one million images, discovering important phenomena in galactic space. The most recent finding is that all the letters of the alphabet are represented in some distant galaxy.

This inventory work has produced strange and interesting results: aside from the alphabet, they are looking for celestial zoology (the first animal they found was a penguin).

Galaxy Zoo depends on a great number of people that offer their time as volunteers to find these images, since through a phenomenon called pareidolia, the human brain recognizes shapes in random images, and this, in turn, had enabled these discoveries.

To write a message with galactic letters, visit The website was created by Steven Bramford, member of Nottingham University. You can also visit the page and register as a volunteer.

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