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drawing of a large maze from above

Is It Possible to Devote a Lifetime to the Building of More than 700 Mazes? Yes


With over 700 labyrinths to his name, Adrian Fisher has probably built more mazes than anyone, ever.

The labyrinth is timeless. It inspires a fascination that transcends eras and world views. Endearing metaphors that have accompanied humankind for millennia, mazes have been simultaneously the agents of transformation, and symbols of the search for a center.

Adrian Fisher is one of the few artists of our time focused on the building of mazes. With more than 700 completed during his career, last year he opened one at the Al Rostamani Maze Tower, in Dubai. Its 200-meter height even earned the maze a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Some of his other works are in theme parks, private gardens and public squares.

Fisher’s ambition to become the largest supplier of mazes in the world is facilitated by the ease with which he constructs these three-dimensional graphic routes. The beauty of many of his works is part of the reason that no one has ever been more lost than they presumed they’d be. In other words, they’re controlled wanderings.

And it is this, after all, that perhaps we want: to experience a feeling of helplessness knowing full well, we’ll eventually find a way out.

hedge maze

Pictures: 1) Labyrinth XI, by Toni Pecoraro 1998 / Creative Commons; 2) Flickr – Gnomonic / Creative Commons

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