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Is This The Most Beautiful Clock In The World?


The intricate patterns of agates are a codified log of their existence in the world.

The circular patterns of trees are a way in which the Earth processes data visualization. As if in their trunks she let us read her coded biography. But although few of us know it, or few of us have carried it out, agates do the same thing as tree rings in dendrochronology.

Their intricate colored bands are coded records of paleoclimatic environments, oscillating temperatures, pressure and chemical interactions. Their lines are their existence in the world; their biological log for whoever is willing to observe it.

In its beautiful geological chaos, each band represents a stage of chemical reaction before it was stabilized and changed direction. Translated unto the human being, it’s as if each band were an important event, a decisive moment in the discreet existence of its mineral form. The patterns of the agate can be modeled intensely in the fractal functions modulated with Brownian movement algorithms. 

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