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kandinsky composition

Kandinsky plots a delightful composition on video


The artist’s communion with form, through a brush, still transmits a remarkable pleasure.

“It all begins with a point,” Kandinsky once said. In his case, this represented not only a metaphor for a fundamental part of life; its beginnings. It also described quite literally his artistic practice.

The Russian artist’s work appears, to most of us, as an accumulation of colors. His application of color is indelibly inscribed in the memory of art. But in Kandinsky, prior to color, is brushstroke. His mastery in animating figures and conjugating forms is the creative code which, through color, brings the work to an exceptional plane.

This video, filmed in 1926, introduces us to precisely that process in which the author transforms a point into a symphony of strokes. The contemplation of this transformation, in addition to its implicit historical value and the privilege of observing the intimate action of one of the great masters of art, immerses one in an exquisite sensation. Tactile genius and aesthetic enjoyment, courtesy of Wassily Kandinsky.

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