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floating bonsai tree

Perhaps Your Home is Ready for a Floating Bonsai

Enchant, Inspire

Practice the contemplation of a tiny tree that levitates, enlivening your space and delighting your guests.

Imagine that the aesthetic of the bonsai is entirely consonant with the delicate act of floating.

Within a short time, the dawning of weightlessness should transform the domestic landscapes of hundreds of families. After a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised more than US$800,000, a small Japanese company, Hoshinchu, made just such a scene of something that had previously been but an elaborate imaginary act. And today many homes enjoy the coquettish metaphysics of Air Bonsai.

The small apparatus consists of a floating bonsai and what might well qualify as a sort of ornamental koan. It’s possible thanks to a system of magnets between the pedestal and the base of the pot, and which allow the tree to levitate. The result of this on a landscape is, as you can imagine, simply captivating.

Whether you place one Air Bonsai in your room and float it there beneath a totemic spotlight or make a floating forest of your entranceway, the fact is that the decorative arts have a beautiful, new ally. And its point is to encourage one of the practices most important to the life well lived, that of contemplation.





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