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Renew yourself with a single minute of meditation (video)


This video explains how, in any given moment, in any place, one can profoundly refresh one’s mind.

It would seem that with time we have less and less excuses not to practice daily meditation as a tool to gain a better quality of life. Is it possible to meditate in any environment, no matter with who we are and the amount of time we have? For Martin Boroson the unquestionable answer is: yes. Through this video he shares with us a simple formula to just sit down for a minute and attend to ourselves.

The moments follow each other and it is complex to be aware of their singular presence. Due to the latter, Boroson refers to the single minute as the starting point for meditation. He advices to place the alarm of a clock for this amount of time, which marks a mental cue for a beginning and an end. The first thing is to just sit straight and balanced, next, to pay attention to breathing.

Focusing our thoughts on the breathing cycle keeps the mind from wandering. Once the minute is over, it is easy to notice a type of lightness or freshness. Boroson suggests that we should apply this whenever we want, without being discouraged by what we think are unfavourable circumstances.

When one learns this minute- technique it is easier to extend the span of time. The author of the video goes as far as to suggest that we should live our days accompanied by this tool. It has been proven that meditation increases neuronal connections in parts of our brain related to the regulation of our mood, behaviour and decision-making.

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