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Pastel colored seed bombs

Seed Bombs: An Explosion of Flowers to Save the Bees


Designed to be sewn on bare ground or urban wasteland, wildflower seed bombs help the world’s bees to proliferate.

An American artist had a brilliant idea: making books filled with frozen seeds for reforesting riverbanks and preventing flooding. Now a California company, with the same enthusiasm for encourage the fertility of the planet, is producing “Seedles” seed bombs designed to be sewn on any open ground. The company’s goal is to grow 1 billion wildflowers to support the proliferation of bees.

The seed bombs are made with wild flower seeds, that is, with seeds not already patented by genetic hackers intent on taking over the world. Current scientific thinking holds that three key factors in the decline of bees include the abundance of certain pesticides, genetically modified seeds and an absence of field flowers. Seedles seed bombs are available for six different regions of the United States, and with all of the favorite flowers of the local bees.

Seedles seed bombs are for sale on the company website, or you can make one yourself by following these instructions.

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