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rosemary oil

Strengthen your memory with rosemary oil

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The smell of rosemary oil strengthens our memory of reminiscences and of our future responsibilities.

For thousands of years rosemary oil has been traditionally admired and used due to its many properties. In the Roman culture, for example, it was used for several purposes, among them cleansing, as incense, cosmetics and ceremonies. Egyptians also used them during weddings and rituals. Currently, rosemary continues to be admired for its many benefits, as a soother, tonic, pain reliever, digestive, breathing aid, etc.

This year a group of researchers presented the results of an investigation which studied rosemary oil, at the “British Psychological SocietyNew Window‘s Annual Conference” in Harrogate. Among their findings, the scientists where able to confirm that rosemary oil is capable of improving the agility of our past memory —in terms of memories— and future ones —that is to say, pertaining to up-coming responsibilities, such as remembering important dates—.

Doctor Mark Moss explained that in the experiment in which 66 people took part, they were divided in two groups waiting in different rooms, one of the rooms was scented with rosemary oil beforehand. The volunteers later sat a series of short-term memory tests. The results showed that those who had been assigned to the room perfumed with rosemary oil obtained the best results. The research also confirmed that people exposed to the scented room had higher levels of cineole in their blood, a property that had marked a positive impact on memory in previous scientific studies.

The implications of these findings could have a direct effect on future treatments for adults with memory related problems. Rosemary oil is a direct ally that sharpens our mental acuity, and as a result, increases in an accessible and natural fashion, our living standards.

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