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Tagzig Olmo Lung Ring, Buddhism’s Sorcery Paradise


The kingdom of Buddhist sorcerers awaits for us as the most beautiful archetype of post-illumination.

Scattered about specific locations on the map, like invisible constellations, a few kingdoms blaze with profound beauty, appealing to the purest imagination of light. One of them is Shambala, whose home is in some elusive part of the Himalayas, and another one is Tagzig Olmo Lung Ring, which, according to legend, lies on the west side of Mount Kailash, also in Tibet. The latter is closely related to Shambala, and is part of the most ancient spiritual tradition in Tibet, Bön Buddhism, that, among other things, is characterized by the inclusion of shamanic and animistic traditions within its practice and teachings.

It is said that many years before the Buddha Shakyamuni’s birth, Buddha Tonpa Shenrab Miwoche came into this world and taught in Olmo Lung Ring. “Ol” symbolizes the unborn, “mo” the un-diminishable, “lung” the prophetic words of Tonpa Shenrab, and “ring”, his eternal compassion.

The kingdom of Tagzig Olmo Lung Ring is a non-dualist realm (which means it exists in opposition to Cartesian dualism and insinuates the interconnection of all things), understood as a dimension outside of time where peace and enjoyment are the materials that people and things are made of. According to legend, the land takes the shape of an eight-petal lotus flower, and is divided into four regions: internal, middle, external and border, and the center resembles the wheel of eight rays that symbolizes Dharma Chakra or “the wheel of life”. The land is aromatic and full of exuberant vegetation and landscapes, of snow-covered Stupas and mountains.

A pyramidal mountain, which serves as the Axis Mundi of Bön’s nine states, lies at the center of Tagzig, it ascends to the sky as a staircase from which four rivers flow into waterfalls, each one representing an archetype, or a “simulation” of the forms of thought: the snow lion, the horse, the rooster and the elephant.

As a pure land, this kingdom does not exist as a physical location that can be visited by mankind in this state of dualism, but only admits those who have perfected their non-dualist state and purified their mental obscurity. It is believed that if an explorer was to lose himself in Mount Kailash and arrived at Tagzig Olmo Lung Ring, he would only see a barren, windswept plane surrounded by desolated mountains. The only humans able to reach this paradise are those that have acquired the discriminating third eye of wisdom. Olmo Lung Ring exists in a parallel dimension to our conventional reality, but that does not prove that it does not exist. It already exists in two essential ways: the first is as a silent and calming archetype of our species, and the other is kept exclusively for the post-illuminated. Olmo Lung takes the shape of a spaceship or of a mandala; ideal means to disappear in the blink of an eye. Therein lies it’s beauty.

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