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The Discreet Virtuosity of Dan Siegler


Siegler is without a doubt one of the most recommendable creative surprises of contemporary music.

The music of Dan Siegler has been described as “sumptuous, ceremonial and jazzy.” One thing is certain, this New York-born composer is everything except orthodox, and his music lends itself to descriptions verging on oxymoron: Unlike other, more traditional composers who begin by writing a harmony or a melody, Siegler first conceives the sounds and then mounts an entire orchestra upon them, or sometimes, an instrumental drama. His work always combines organic and electronic elements, and incorporates jazz, blues and folk references.

Siegler plays classical piano since the age of four and at university he formed his first rock ‘n roll band. Later he began to push the boundaries of the New York scene absorbing the abrasive sounds of hip-hop and No Wave. If we pay attention we can hear in his recordings the infallible influence of David Bowie and Brian Eno, and a crystalline technique only attributable to US pianist and composer Thelonious Monk, and with whom he shares hiss disdain for virtuosity and the affinity for creative discretion.

But his collaborations with the brilliant choreographer Pam Tanowitz deserve special attention. This is where Siegler has found a shining path to project his work and make himself known as the excellent and rare composer that he is. His collaborations with Tanowitz have been presented in Work & Process in the Guggenheim, in the Danspace Project, at the Summerstage in Central Park and the Lincoln Center, to mention a few, and he received the Bessie Award for his soundtrack for Be in The Gray With Me, a choreography by Tanowitz for the Dance Theater Workshop.

Siegler is without a doubt one of the most virtuoso composers (without virtuosity) in the history of music. As a teaser we share with you a recording from his beautiful String Noise:

Dan Siegler with celebrated choreographer Pam Tanowitz and Shohei Shigematsu, principal architect from OMA, have been commissioned by Faena Art to create a site-specific performance of cross-disciplinary choreograhy for Faena Forum, to be opened soon in Miami Beach.

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