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The House of Windows: An Aesthetic and Sustainable Love Story (Video)


In this documentary we see a couple quits their jobs to build a house made with recycled windows instead.

Photographer Nick Olson took the designer Lila Horowitz to trek through the mountains of West Virginia on their first date. While they got to know each other, the two speculated on a house completely built of windows, a house where the sunset would never hide from them through any wall.

While most people would simply discard the idea, leaving it in a chest of sincere but forgotten ideas, this couple decided to make it come true. A few months later they both quit their jobs and devoted themselves to collecting dozens of windows, which they obtained from markets, garage sales and antique shops. Weeks later they arrived in Virginia and literally built their dream house: a crystal cabin in exactly the same spot they had visualized on their first date.

Matt Glass and Jordan Wayne Long, two filmmakers from Half Cut Tea productions, went to the place and interviewed the couple for a short documentary. The house of windows is a beauty that encourages the flow of light and wind. She makes her own clothes and harvests a food garden; he paints and sculpts. These two, live the life they want, together.

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