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A woman drinks a glass of water

The Relationship Between Happiness and Drinking Water


Over time, several myths about healthy habits have been proven incorrect, but there is one that remains standing: drinking water is indispensable, even for our mood.

Two thirds of our organism are made of water. Surprising data reveals that 75% of our brain and our muscles, 92% of our blood, and 22% of our bones, are made of water. Additionally our body needs water to carry out its most basic functions, for instance, water keeps the temperature of our body in check, it is necessary to exhale, transport nutrients and oxygen to our cells, and it helps the body absorb the aforementioned nutrients.

We should at least drink two litres of water every day, and since our mind and body are one, our organism naturally experiences an integral satisfaction when we clench our thirst. In terms of our mind, being fully hydrated allows us to fight those agents that usually have a negative impact on our quality of life and everyday happiness: fatigue, indisposition, stress and moodiness. According a recent study conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture, drinking water does not just improve our psychomotor abilities; it also has a significant impact on our mood.

New studies on happiness take into account long-term satisfaction levels, and while these encompass a series of factors –– from economic aspects to personal and sentimental ones ––, a person who has a healthy mood will develop a general wellbeing which increases or remains at a positive level over long periods of time, which eventually leads to a positive balance.

In sum, if we consider the latter, we can conclude that taking at least two litres of water every day will improve our mood and reduce any confusion we might feel, a perfect combination that combats stress and in favour of the body, which is already made of water. Perhaps it’s safe to say that our happiness also depends on this vital liquid.

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