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The sky is calling us, a love letter to the cosmos (video)


These two people created a video to revive the slumbering mission of the exploration of the heavens.

We once dreamt of open sails and
Open seas
We once dreamt of new frontiers and
New lands
Are we still a brave people?

We must not forget that the very stars we see nowadays are the same stars and phenomena that inspired the men of the past to be in awe, to forge their culture and structure their thought. They are the same stars that led humanity to embark on the most important search of all, that of knowledge. But, have we reached an impasse in the exploration of the skies?

While it is true that the Apache Point Observatory recently generated a map that gathers all the information we have about the universe, it appears there are no more Carl Sagans that dream of intercepting other planets’ inhabitants, or Neil de Grasses that want to give narrative to the cosmos. The future of space exploration is more precarious than ever.

Facing this situation, creative writer from Oregon University Nicolaus Sugai, in cooperation with designer Lauren Geschke, created an incisive and poetic video dedicated to NASA. It is a love letter of sorts in which they pose a question relevant to us all. The sky is calling us asks who will trace the universe if we continue to ignore the calling of the skies.

The sky is calling us - NASA from Nickolaus Sugai on Vimeo.

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