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What is exactly the sound of the rain?


In this beautiful video, Yugo Sakamura recreates the sound of the rain, drop by drop.

We all know the sound of rainfall. From the moment it begins with a few succinct drops, until it becomes a monotone that accompanies it to the very bottom, the rain represents the magnificent indifference that nature feels towards the world. It doesn’t mind where it falls, who it makes wet, it doesn’t care about our problems or circumstances. This is why the rain can make any moment seem completely natural; we are all rained on alike, we are all accompanied by the sound of the rain. 

But, what does the rain sound like? It seems like a simple enough question, with an equally simple answer, however, how can we prove that millions of raindrops falling together at once will sound like rain?

Yugo Sakamura, a true mastermind of the digital realm, set out to recreate the sound of the rain in a video entitled Amaoto no Yurai (The Origin of the Sound of Rain). First, the designer used audio and video to record the sound of raindrops falling on different objects: the earth, rocks, trunks, petals, leaves, tree trunks and skin. Each sound, as expected, is different from the next and nothing like the sound we associate with the rain. But when Sakamura combines the sounds and doubles them, triples them and quadruples them until we lose count, the result is simply perfect. He recreates this symphony which is formed by thousands of different sounds, making it monotonous and constant, “as someone who hears rainfall.”

The video was made for the TECHNE television program, which shows the “behind the scenes” of the creative techniques used by the graphic animation industry. This holds many marvels for us to find. 

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