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Wondrous crossings: Yangshuo, the handsome rock peaks that emerge from water and land

Enchant, Inspire

Yangshuo is a small Chinese village at the edges of the Li and Yulong rivers. Its landscape is depicted in 20 Yuan bills, and could easily be one of the most emblematic areas of this country. Despite the latter, most of its tourists are adventurous “backpackers”, which is why this place retains a certain amount of virginity.

Surrounded by imposing mountains and hills for cultivation, Yangshuo is a true gift to our eyes. Among its flooded rice crop valleys, singular hills surrounded by fog stand out. The water beneath produces a mirror-like effect —an effect which is, by the way, profoundly oneiric.


The caves found uphill are another attractive aspect of the site, boasting a unique view of the landscape. The Guangxi province has been isolated for thousands of years because of its geographic particularities, and since mountain ranges shield them as if protecting them with and organic wall. Because of this, its people’s customs are still deeply rooted and uncorrupted.


The singular and characteristic peaks of this space are limestone formations caused by the erosive and dissolving action of water. The site also possesses continuous mountain ranges, and altogether projects a hypnotic stage: hundreds of guardians contemplating, immutably, the passing of time.

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