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bistro sur restaurant dining room

Italpast | Faena Buenos Aires

Haute Cuisine, Award Winning, Dinner

Bistró Sur —one of the most spectacular gastronomic settings in the country— welcomes a new pop-up experience by Chef Pedro Picciau with Signature dishes and traditional flavors of Italian-Sardinian haute cuisine. 

Dining room of Bistro Sur
Bistro Sur

Hours & Info

Wednesday - Saturday

8:00 pm - 23:30 pm
Email [email protected]


Italpast_Bistro Sur

Welcome Pedro

We believe that ideas evolve and improve when shared, Faena is synonymous with collaboration. It is in the same sense that Faena Buenos Aires invites the renowned chef Pedro Picciau to combine his culinary stamp and trajectory with the creative spirit of Faena and present an unrepeatable pop-up gastronomic experience in the city.


As many other rooms in this fantastic hotel, this room is very unique and dramatic, featuring red-eyed white unicorns all along the walls, and a huge flower display in the center of the room.



Bistro Sur was an over-the-top evening experience: crazy beautiful and whimsical decor, solicitous and genuinely friendly service, and tasty food. 



The food is simply amazing. The decorations are half the fun of this restaurant. We ate under the horn of a red eyed unicorn. Needless to say, we have some fantastic photos. The service here is second to none. Truly had a wonderful time.


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