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4 Artists Demonstrate That Technology Is Revolutionizing Aesthetic Experience


Immersive experience could transform the world of contemporary art, and this is the beginning.

If we accept the premise that technology is transforming our lives, we have to admit that art, too, is included in that transformation. At this very moment, artists are experimenting with developments in virtual reality, the possibility of video recording in 360º and the generation of holograms. All of them are intent on expanding the limits of aesthetic experience.

Proof of this occurred a few days ago in an immersive art project presented in Tokyo. Four contemporary artists from different backgrounds, Chiharu Shiota, Daito Manabe, Mr., and Trouble Andrew, were convened by the haute couture fashion company, Gucci, for a collaboration.

Gucci 4 Rooms is an exploration, in four separate spaces, of associations originating with imagery provided by Gucci. Shiota created a room; the “Herbario Gucci.” Manabe’s work is an experimental lexicon. Mr. produced a “garden” teeming with plants and animals, and Trouble Andrew’s is a secret installation. Each heterodox dialogue intensely engages all of the senses of the spectator, wrenched from reality to experiment with four unexpected fragments, and these, it could be said, are found unedited, but by the viewer’s perception.

Gucci 4 Rooms seems to point to an experiential stream in art, one that, with the support of technology, invites us not to only appreciate artistic works, but to live them.

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