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Pantone shades of movie beach scene.

The Project That “Pantonises” the Colours of Film Classics


Movies in Color is a project that synthesises the range of tones used in classic cinematic films in the accessible format of palettes.

A film boasts of a personality of its own, which is achieved through multiple factors of vital importance, for example the discourse, the characters, the script, the landscapes, the clothes, etc. However, there is a specific element that determines the degree of authenticity of a film: the range of colours used in it.

Every film uses certain filter, a type of veil that permeates all the included atmospheres according to the effect the director wishes to evoke in the viewer. Some films for example, despite the presence of many colours boast an omnipresent tone; a determined chromatic mood.

Scene from movie showing color patterns of scene

The psychology of colour, a branch that studies the psycho-emotional effect that different tones cause in human beings has defined the different effects the colours provoke in some people —this is related to complex aspects such as the cultural information each person associates with every tone. Blue for example, is attributed to sympathy, harmony, fidelity, femininity and spirituality, while red alludes to passion, love, danger and hate.

This resource is repeatedly employed by professional that use tonalities as a basic element within their work —among them, designers, painters, filmmakers and publicists—, in order to evoke certain effects in the viewer. Within films, colour is absolutely fundamental since it is an important tool required to achieve the director’s objective: grasping the audience and leading them to a determined message and environment.

Considering the relevance of the colour palette of the 7th art, the blog Movies In Color, created a series of pantones that expose the dominant colours used within classic films. You might be surprised when you realise that these chromatic pantones remain registered, at least within your unconscious, and in more than one occasion observing the pantones will take you back to a memorable narrative you enjoyed at one point in your life.


Pantone colors of movie scene


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