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Road sign in the middle of desert

The Zone of Silence in Mexico, Between Myths and Stellar Stones


The Zone of Silence is a desert area in northern Mexico, apparently immerse in a singular electromagnetism.

In an area known as the Mapimí patch, a closed basin that shelters ancient lagoons in the great desert of Chihuahua in northern Mexico, a rare place known as the Zone of Silence is found. It is a space covered in thousands of myths, especially since half a century ago a NASA rocket ship fell in the area. From there onwards the rumours of meta-normal activities intensified.

In the location they have found numerous marine fossils, since in the prehistoric era this space was submerged in the waters of the Thetis Ocean. Among the multiple particularities of the zone we can find: areas with high concentrations of aerolite fragments, an endemic type of desert turtle, low distribution purplish nopales, and a ferrous obelisk over two metres and a half high.


Silence zone in desert

Nowadays we can find piled rocks in the shape of Stars of David, where rituals devoted to stimulating paranormal activities are celebrated. However, independently from alien experiences, and other similar legends, in the Silent Zone, asteroid and galactic stone showers are usually continual —meteorites older than our galaxy and solar system have been found there.

In few words, this a place full of singularities, lost in the stout immensity of the Mexican desert. An enclosing landscape imprinted with a mysterious veil that reminds us that, perhaps, the material world is just another character in this grand theatrical piece, life.

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