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Healing Arts at the Faena Spa

Healing Therapies

Faena Spa Healing

Faena Spa’s healing therapies are designed to unify spirit, mind and body. From crystal therapy to chakra balancing, our harmonizing treatments restore wellbeing in the serene setting of our world-class spa.

Pranic Healing

An ancestral system that uses energy to recover physical, emotional and mental health. It works on the energetic body aura, diagnosing, balancing and energizing the chakras of the body.

Crystal Therapy

This therapy uses quartz crystals, laser, extractors, etc. While pranic healing is performed.

Harmonization with crystals, gems and massage

A use of pendulum for measuring the chakras, with gems and massages in the reflected areas of head, hands and feet to balance energy.


Natural healing method, both spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical, that works by transmitting Reiki or Universal Energy through hands imposition.


Yoga elevates people to their highest level of perfection, depending exclusively on their willpower to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically, as well as the intelligent use of all one’s efforts to attain this.

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