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bowls with lotions and rocks

The Body Rituals

Faena Spa Beauty

Body rituals that purify both mind and body at Faena Spa. Our approach to healing is very simple: we use only our hand-blended, plant-based range of muds, scrubs, and oils inspired by shamanic wisdom.

DIY Bathing Ritual

We invite you to create your own “do-it-yourself” ritual. Lather up with a choice of scrubs, muds, and oils available at reception to use throughout your Wet Spa experience. Choose one from each category and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of each healing ingredient: purifying scrubs, healing clays & nourishing oils.




Relaxation Room

Each treatment commences and concludes in our serene Relaxation Room designed as an escape to unwind and rejuvenate. This soothing space features overstuffed sofas that cocoon the body, soft lighting, curative music, bespoke herbal teas and a selection of fruits and dried fruits.

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